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  1. JavaScript Re: Rebinding Problem with Jquery knockout.js with MVC

    The Problem happens when Knockout tries to Bind the ViewModel to the same node multiple times. seting the viewmodel to null will not work , so to resolve this i explicidly binded the tablelement, and...
  2. JavaScript [RESOLVED] Rebinding Problem with Jquery knockout.js with MVC

    Good Day Guys

    This is an MVC , JQuery, KNockout.js Question.

    i have a Controller Action that is being Defined like this

    public JsonResult SearchCars(string...
  3. Problem Redirecting to the Custom Error Page

    Good Day ALL

    I have tried something and i am not sure what is the problem.

    i have inherited the an asp.net app. So i want to add the custom Error Handling. I know there are two methods i can...
  4. How to trigger the Property Change from WCF service in Silverlight

    Good Day All

    My Question goes as follows.

    I have a DataLayer in a Form of a WCF service and it is being consumed by a Business Layer that is also in a Form of a WCF Service and it is being...
  5. Re: How to Find the Position of a Textbox in a Page in Asp.net C#

    i have created a Div Dynamically

    Dim CoverDiv As New System.Web.UI.HtmlControls.HtmlGenericControl("DIV")

    Dim CoverDiv2 As New...
  6. How to Find the Position of a Textbox in a Page in Asp.net C#

    Good Day All

    I have a Dynaically created a Textbox and i have a Dynamically created DIV. So what i want to do is to Find the Position of the Textbox and and Dynamically when this textbox is...
  7. Re: How to use Jquery on a Dynamical created Textbox

    Instead of ID get the textbox using Class.

    i give the class of textbox for example let i give a class name 'contentbox'

    cnt.cssClass = "contentbox"

    and in javascript
  8. [RESOLVED] How to use Jquery on a Dynamical created Textbox

    Good Day All

    i am creating Textboxes at Runtime with something like this

    Dim cnt As New TextBox

    cnt.ID = "cont_" & x

    If multiline Then
  9. Re: failed due to the following error: 80070005 Access is denied.

    Ya i resolved it, it is a Problem on the Com Object. by default the ASPNET users does not have permissions to com, so i went to "Components"-->config... and i assign a User ASPNET with the...
  10. [RESOLVED] failed due to the following error: 80070005 Access is denied.

    Good Morning All

    i have an asp.net hosted in IIS. that uses the Com library "Microsoft Word 14.0 Object Library". I am using this to convert the word Document to PDF, on my machine it works. I...
  11. Problem hosting a Silverlight movie properly in aspx and html

    Good Evening All

    I have Silverlight application and it is rendering better(not Good) in IE and it renders differently from different browsers, like IE8,Firefox 3, 4, and worse in Chrome. i tried...
  12. Replies

    Crossdomain Files in IIS

    Good Day All

    i have placed a CrossDomain and the ClientPolicy Files in the Root of the IIS directory wwwroot.

    We are currently having a problem on our side, our Network administrator says he...
  13. Url to access the Service is different from the one used to Generate Proxy(IIS7

    Good Day All

    i have a IIS server. This IIS Server is publicly available , so i have hosted some WCF services in that server , i can access the URL from outside my network, but i can use it. the...
  14. cannot convert from 'System.Collections.Generic.IList

    i have a strange thing here, i have a WCF service that has an operation contract defined like this

    public bool SynchMenuItemsToCDB(IList<EcashMenuSynchModel> model)
  15. No Connection Could Be Made Because The Target Machine Actively Refused It X.X.X.X:84

    Good Day All

    i have a Silverlight application that i have written. Tested and it works well in our internal network. Now in my company we have another server, so our Network guys open a port so...
  16. How to load the Iframe with hidden fields after the page load event

    hi all

    I am using a third party gateway. The third party gateway does not support query-string , so i will need to post the form to pass the values to the given URL and another thing is that they...
  17. Replies

    How bypass this ?

    Every time i am about to post a thread i get an answer while typing the message, maybe i explain it to myself better when i write it , OK so if you have seen this post it means i have not find an...
  18. Moving Data from Silverlight to ASp.net via SQl server

    Good Evening All

    I want to create a unique value for my User in Silverlight and access this value on the asp.net page that is part of the silverlight website. So i cant use cookies because they...
  19. I/O error during "CreateFile (open)" operation for file

    Good Day All

    I am accessing an FDB Database with a WCF service. locally it was working fine, but now i want to access the service that is stting on a remote location. my Connection string looks...
  20. Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other m

    Good Day All

    i have an application that i use to test my example. i am creating a Cookie in Silverlight and access the Cookie in asp.net. In my example application works fine. The code for...
  21. Re: Response brings back an Incorrect URL

    Hi Guys

    There was nothing wrong on my code, the Problem is that , the URl worked only with an external IP and i was accessing it with an internal IP.

    Thanks for your help
  22. Replies

    Select Distinct by an Image Field

    i have an interesting question for you guys.

  23. Re: Response brings back an Incorrect URL

    i have been give access. i will check tomorow morning and let you know

    thanks guys for your replies
  24. Re: Response brings back an Incorrect URL

    i have removed that part but still it does not work.
  25. [RESOLVED] Response brings back an Incorrect URL

    Good Day All
    I have an asp.net project that does the CC handling for me and if the cc comes from a certain application it redirects to the page in a certain application. In that Project there is...
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