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    Re: auto_ptr returns garbage

    In the end, it had nothing to do with auto_ptr (it was just the first pointer initialized to get corrupted). It was a corrupted heap due to an external component I used. I have replaced the component...
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    Re: auto_ptr returns garbage

    Thanks for your reply.

    I have been studying this issue for some time, and I think it has something to do with a corrupted heap. Currently trying to figure out where this is coming from, but it's a...
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    Re: auto_ptr returns garbage

    Additional info: I have changed all calls to CSettings::Instance() instead of storing the pointer.

    Now the first pointer I initialize gets the address 0x00000007, and that seems to be the issue...
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    auto_ptr returns garbage

    I have a singleton settings class which is initialized and contains the right data. Then, in another class (UI), I want to store the pointer to the settings class so I don't have to retrieve the...
  5. Re: Is Cross Thread exception related to STA/MTA

    See this amazing google search.
  6. Re: Is Cross Thread exception related to STA/MTA

    The root of the problem is that UI elements may only be touched by one thread, and that is the thread that created the UI element.
  7. Re: Is Cross Thread exception related to STA/MTA

    The STA / MTA is to determine the threading model your application uses. This has nothing to do with cross thread operations.

    The reason you are having cross thread operations is because you are...
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    Re: Casting...

    Well, the variable (in C#, 99 % of the variables are a "pointer" to a referenced object) is of a specific object.

    In C++, you also cast a pointer to a specific type if you want to call its...
  9. Re: CInternetSession / CFtpConnection + unicode filenames

    Found the problem! I need to convert to a "safe" filename first. Here is some example code:

    CString CFtpFileObject::ConvertToSafeFileName(CString sFileName)
    // Declare variables
  10. CInternetSession / CFtpConnection + unicode filenames

    Hi all,

    I am having some problems retrieving files with unicode characters inside the filename.

    For example, one of the files contains the character ğ, but when I try to request the file, the...
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    Re: How to wrap my Enum in a Class

    I don't see ANY reason why you want to wrap an enum into a class. Check the Enum class for enum specific functions.

    You can simply cast a value to an int if required.
  12. Re: 'System.OutOfMemoryException'

    You can read it by blocks instead of at once. That will use much lesser memory.

    See the ReadBlock function documentation.
  13. Re: Reduce Startup memory usage..HOW???

    If you want to load a full dictionary in memory, then there aren't many ways to optimize this.

    A thing you can try is not load the dictionary into memory but keep it on disk. When the user enters,...
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    Re: Regarding frames in .net...

    The frames you are talking about, aren't these Forms?

    You can use the Form_Load event to start the video to play when the form is loaded.
  15. Re: Preventing a process from starting...

    Do you have control over the other application or not?

    What you can do is enumerate all process and check if a specific process is running if you don't have control about the other application.
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    Re: multiple objects C# serialization

    I wrote a class to avoid this problem. I have attached it (including a unit test that contains example code how to use it).
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    Re: Progress bar wont show >_

    Please use ShowWindow as designed using SW_SHOW instead of TRUE.

    Your second example does exactly what you want. Set a range of 0 - 100 (%). Then, you set the stepsize to 20. Then, you step once...
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    Re: How to save changes in propertygrid

    You can serialize the class to a file using the ISerializable interface.
  19. Re: Implement a webservice starting from a WSDL

    Right-mouse click the project -> add web reference... -> add the url to the wsdl
  20. Re: UAC turned off + administrator required

    When the user is guest, and you want to start an application, this can be accomplished by using CreateProcessWithLogonW.

    However, the reason it was failing on my side was because my administrator...
  21. Re: UAC turned off + administrator required

    Yes, I had someone try it for me, but I will check it out myself first before moving any further.
  22. Re: UAC turned off + administrator required

    I mean when UAC is completely disabled / turned off on the system.

    I tried CreateProcessWithLogonW, but that seems to fail. Maybe I should try again...
  23. UAC turned off + administrator required

    Hi all,

    I want to launch an application on Vista which requires administrator rights (but has the asInvoker manifest option). However, when UAC is disabled, I cannot elevate the process using...
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    Re: Accessing files in windows Vista.

    Application Data or maybe even the temp folder.
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    Re: Application not working

    Check frmMain.cs:line 490 ;)

    Did you delete ApplicationName.exe.config?
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