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  1. Re: How to synchronize threads in socket server to write to a file.


    Thanks for the response. I was researching and read that the TcpListener class queue up the incoming connection requests until MaxConnections number is reached, but the MSDN online document...
  2. How to synchronize threads in socket server to write to a file.

    I am writing a socket server which receives many client request to write to a file. I have an arraylist to store the socketlisteners. After I ran the client to send up to 25 requests, which results...
  3. Need help loading Word doc content on asp.net webpage iframe

    I am trying to take a path to either a MS Word doc or txt file and load the content on an asp.net webform with an iframe control. I added the following code to see if it works. I writing and testing...
  4. Need help converting to Word, PDF for RTF


    We have crystal reports with a rich text formatted string field. The application sends data inside a table with cells. An example is a spreadsheets with data and cells. I copied and pasted the...
  5. Question: Replacing PERL with ASP.NET and other


    I a writting a analysis of a current PERL system which has a server pl file that opens a socket to listen to incoming message. On the client, there is another pl file which create a socket to...
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    Windows Form Stackable Panel question


    This is an old Windows Form question. I have a Windows Form modal dialog box, which contains a panel (contains group box, label, textbox, and combox controls). When a combobox value is...
  7. Need help setting up my WCF services with virtual directories on IIS 6.0 and 7.0 Opti

    Hi, I just written my WCF services. Now I need to setup the virtual directories on IIS 6.0 (now) and IIS 7.0 (later). I added the code and physical directory as followed c:\myproject\HelloWorld...
  8. Can asp.net mvc host both silverlight and asp.net application?


    I am new to asp.net mvc and trying to add silverlight technology to my design. However, I do not want take a full dive into silverlight web application. I done some research and found that...
  9. Re: help. how to read dll.config when adding to other application

    I prefer not to ask everyone who is using my dll to copy all the content to their app.config. I would predict that the manager will say no way. The class has alot of settings including the enterprise...
  10. help. how to read dll.config when adding to other application


    I just written a class library dll which generates a dll.config. When I added the project to another web application project as a reference, I don't see the configuration being read. I checked...
  11. how to use .config instead of app.config


    I got a logging class which first used app.config. Others will be using this class and will add the project as a reference to their project, which will have their own app.config or web.config....
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    Need help with ALTER On Delete Cascade


    I got 3 tables which one has two foreign keys from the other two. Here is a short list:

    PK : CategoryID

    PK: CategoryLogID
    FK: Category ID
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    Re: Help with stopping Worker Thread

    Thanks for the info on the worker thread natually terminating itself.
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    Help with stopping Worker Thread


    I have a question about worker thread. I have a Windows GUI form which will call the following to create a worker thread to do alot of work. When the worker thread finishes, it will call a...
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    how to anchor datagrid to browser


    I am using a datagrid which each cell contains an image and text description. However, the width does not anchor to the browser. The width of the grid does not fill the width of the browser....
  16. Rebuilding Service to x86 build settings


    I was asked to rebuild a window service, which was configured on the Configuration Manager Debug/Release, from AnyCPU to x86.

    I noticed that there are two sections, the active solution...
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    Need help with RegEx string pattern


    I writing a regexpression to detect string pattern in a filename to pass along the code.

    For example: My_FILE_ABC_cfg.txt

    The file could contain either ABC or ABD in the filename

  18. help. progressbar updating it in another class


    I got a progressbar to update the user on where the progress of the process. I wrote all the work code in another class. I am not writing it in the GUI / form class. My thoughts would be to...
  19. need help with loading XMLDocument obj from stringarray


    I got code which a uses an XMLSerializer to load data from a class. From the XMLSerializer, it takes the stream to write all the XML content to a stringarray. Finally, it writes to output...
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    help with encrypting xml tag


    I got an XML doc, which contains sensitive data to be encrypted. I figured out how to encrypted input elements like


    the c# code will encrypt test and...
  21. need help with getting asp.net webserver current directory

    I am trying to save a file to one of the folders in the webserver, where the asp.net files are deployed. On my dev pc, I used Environment.CurrentDirecotory and Directory.CurrentDirectory. I get the...
  22. Help. Getting a An error has occurred while establishing a connection to the server.


    I need some help. I am getting this error after I complete the asp.net register control and click on the continue button. It crashed when it tries to get
    it calls this Profile property
  23. how to add javascript menu.js to usercontrol .ascx

    View profile
    More options Mar 15, 2:25 pm
    Newsgroups: microsoft.public.dotnet.framework.aspnet
    From: About...@gmail.com
    Date: Sat, 15 Mar 2008 11:25:15 -0700 (PDT)...
  24. Error using Login control ASP.NET App_Data Folder


    I am writing a login functionality for my asp.net 2.0 website. I used the Login control from the visual studio tool panel and drag it over to my asp.net webpage. In my development pc, it works...
  25. Help. ErrorProvider with Databinding not showing Options


    I added an errorprovider to my GUI layer and databinded to my business object

    bindingSource1.DataSource = MyBusinessObject;

    NameTextBox.SetDataBindings("Text", bindingSource1,...
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