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  1. Re: Custom visualizer, debugger extension or whatever

    And when should I do the unload thing? I won't know when debugging is end. What I need in this case is the hint that I should clean up the current session, not just keeping the DLL loaded.

    If I...
  2. Re: Custom visualizer, debugger extension or whatever

    Actually... the EEAddins are unloaded WHEN you are hovering the cursor over the expressions, not after the debugging is done. So it ends up good for nothing. (One line of string is no good for a tree...
  3. Re: Custom visualizer, debugger extension or whatever

    Correct me if i'm wrong. I think it can't do the "tree" things (a huge tree... and I will have to make it more complex to make the autoexp.dat thing actually work).

    And even worse the dll is...
  4. Re: Converting a C Program to Compile with C++

    1. How the prototypes are declared in the 3 cpp files.
    2. Are the corresponding definations exist?
    3. Are the definations actually linked?
  5. Custom visualizer, debugger extension or whatever

    Is it possible to write a custom visualizer by whatever means for native C++ code? Writing autoexp.dat is a nightmare when the structure is too complex.

    Thanks forward
  6. Re: How to create and manipulate Terabyte size Arrays with Win32API

    File mapping pushes all your work reading and writing the file to the system, and usually gives you poor efficiency.
  7. Re: Why does first ever HttpSendRequest take longer?

    It uses resolved ip directly instead of requesting it from DNS the second time you send the request. And for the very first time you send the request, the whole network path might needs some...
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    Re: Extract commands from a string?

    1. a trick for PLU MUL things, since they are less than 4 chars, you can test them as int. like (*(int *)p & 0xFFFFFF) == 'LUM'. some compilers may not support multi-character literals though.

  9. Re: does c++ map find function support multithreading?

    As for a map, reading while writing could still lead to crash. Both reads and writes need to be guarded.
  10. Re: 2 pthreads on dual CPU slower than non-threaded code for embarrassingly parallel

    Wait on a spinlock will not release the thread, that is when you are waiting on a spinlock, the thread is still eating the cpu time, and hopefully all of it. That's why you see the cpu is at full...
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    Re: recv() on HTTP

    It is just the loop will never ends. Actually it will end when the client side close the connection.

    Processing a stream doesn't mean in the most basic way. When you are finding a string in the...
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    Re: Determine Windows OS from #define

    Macros are used before compiling while the os version can be known only when the program is running...

    Are you expecting that a program would know what os it will run on before it is not even...
  13. Re: how to load a Sys file with system load and call images?

    normally you need register the module as a service with CreateService, and start the service
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    Re: Need help with this program

    No homework here...

    I suggest you just give it up anyway, if you don't want to fetch your classbook and check up everything you've missed.
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    Re: Peer to Peer networking

    Peer-to-peer, it means that 2 peers connect directly insteading both connect to a server peer as client peers. client/server, for a single client, is peer-to-peer, too.
  16. Re: does c++ map find function support multithreading?

    It's not that STL doesn't support multithreading... It's just that it is not thread-safe...

    Add locks yourself. There's no point adding locks into STL in case that it would still be used without...
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    Re: recv() on HTTP

    Where did you get the idea that recv will block after the server responses, anyway? Non-blocking socket is usually used only on server-side, to reduce the excessive and unnecessary number of threads....
  18. Re: Difference among Thread , BackgroundWorker , and calling a method through Delegat

    Thread is something most basic here. Just a seperate workflow.

    A worker is just a complex thread (or a group of such threads). It waits there for your tasks. Instead of executes a task and...
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    Re: InterLocked and align

    no. it's just a way to make your data aligned, and not the only way, and not everytime you call interlocked intrinsics.

    What it tells you is that 1. you should make data aligned, 2. to make your...
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    Re: Keeping the mainframe square

    When WM_SIZING is sent to you, make the window-size-to-be what you want.
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    Re: compiling msdos program

    Usally dos programs are ok to be run in the emulated 16-bit environment of 32bit windows(You have to use dosbox if you have nothing other than 64bit systems, though.). If you have to, find a Turbo...
  22. Thread: Stacksize

    by DreamShore

    Re: Stacksize

    Are there self-calling functions?
  23. Re: Advanced - Compression - Reading - RunTime

    Compressed files are nolonger linear usually, and can not be accessed randomly. You need decompress it first.
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    Re: Cutting numbers

    int amount = 12345;

    output(amount % 10);
    amount /= 10;
    output(amount % 10);
    amount /= 10;
    output(amount % 10);
    amount /= 10;
    output(amount % 10);
    amount /= 10;
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    Re: Internet Programming C++

    That depends on what the page expects. Usually, it is just posting something like username=xxx&password=xxx

    Maybe you should learn something more about HTTP and HTML
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