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  1. Re: Using Select Case to decide to choose from three differnt label formats

    I would change the line :
    Select Case ChosenType
    Select Case UCase(ChosenType)
  2. Thread: UTF-8 To Base-64

    by jggtz

    UTF-8 To Base-64

    I'm trying to convert a xml to byte array using ADO Stream object
    and after that convert it to Base-64 using Chilkat to build a json request

    The problem is the next:
    ---The original xml has: ...
  3. Re: Combine multiple rows into a single row concatenating fields

    Just add another variable and do the same for Method as you do for Analysis

    Formula 1
    stringvar names := "";
    stringvar names1 := "";

    Formula 2
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    Re: Multiple Rows to a single row

    See Formula 1
    You must place it in the Group Header Section, in order to clean the variable
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    Re: Empty Field Formatting?

    Attach again the CRWDesign.jpg... I can't see the sections' names
  6. Re: n00b Question: Prompt for data that isn't in a database?

    Parameters is the solution

    You can configure some kinds of Parameter
    -Single Value
    -Multiple Values
    -Fixed List

    In your case i think that the solution is Multiple Discrete Values (and do not...
  7. Re: Shared Variable in crystal report and filter data in subreport based on this valu

    Well, then it's time to use Linked variables
    --- Linked Variables are easier than shared variables to select records
    --- because shared variables only work to select records in a subreport in...
  8. Re: Shared Variable in crystal report and filter data in subreport based on this valu

    Try using that shared variable in the "RecordSelectionFormula" of the subreport
  9. Re: formula to calculate days between a hire date and current date

    Try using () instead of {} to enclose (CurrentDate - {Employee.Hire Date}) / 365 * 100

    We use {} to enclose fields, formulas, running totals, etc.

    Note : (I didn't check if the formula was ok)
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    Re: Division by Zero error

    If Sum ({@Invoice},{aps_group.code})) <> 0 Then
    (Sum ({@Payments},{aps_group.code})/Sum ({@Invoice},{aps_group.code}))*100
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    Re: Database Login Crystal Reports

    If you study the code, it's exactly the same (coded in different way) but yours is 4 years later
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    Re: Error in Count of records

    Add the next red code to yours
    and remove blue code

    If rsemployee.RecordCount > 0 = True Then
    txtstat.Text = rsemployee.Fields!sta -------------------------> here Error
  13. Re: Need help converting a string field to date in crystal report

    You could use a formula field and write code that:
    0 Declare variables
    1 Extract the month day & year part of the string, using the MID function
    2 Convert to numeric value each one using the...
  14. Re: In Crystal Reports, can you create a formula field dynamically

    Do you want to insert a new formula field in an existing rpt from an application that you are developing?

    AFAIK, We only can modify an existing formula field at running time from an application
  15. Thread: Barcode Printing

    by jggtz

    Re: Barcode Printing

    You could use a formula field, as:

    If {tablex.QtyField} = 4 Then
    {tablex.CodeNumber} + Chr(10) +
    {tablex.CodeNumber} + Chr(10) +
    {tablex.CodeNumber} +...
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    Re: Help with code compile error message.


    Single means Single Precision and has decimals

    The problem here is that @AndrewDz is declaring Dale and Theo but he is using Dale1 and Theo1 in the MsgBox
  17. Re: Suppressing a text field based on date range

    However the answer is: if {data field} <= #7/1/11# then True
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    Re: Novice Crystal User and dates

    Calculating the number of calendar days between two dates is fairly simple. However, if you need to calculate the number of work days, it gets a bit more difficult. Not only do you have to account...
  19. Re: please help with selection criteria Crystal 8.5

    If the list is large then you could create a new table with all the desired records and define the fields as a key (person, seq & code).
    Then add that table to your report and link your data table...
  20. Re: Visual Basic - Calculations across multiple forms

    It would be better to move the thread to vb.net
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    Re: how to break repeating random

    Use the RANDOMIZE function just before the RND line
    See some examples here ---> http://www.developerfusion.com/code/259/generating-random-numbers/
  22. Re: Error Message: A Loop was evaluated more than the maximum....

    Search for Option Loop statement
    The default are 100,000 iterations

    Also, check your loop logic
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    Re: Crystal Report XI R2 Problem

    I don't see how you are passing the selected recordset to the report... post the code...
  24. Re: Print two labels the same on a four across sheet. Crystal Reports XI ver.

    Sorry, I was asumming that you were using a programming language
  25. Re: Print two labels the same on a four across sheet. Crystal Reports XI ver.

    One way could be to use a temporal table and resolve the problem using code
    Then just use Crystal to print the results
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