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  1. Re: Retrieving the size of a rotated image

    for anyone interested, it's the functions imagesx and imagesy that give you the width and height of a resource image.
  2. [RESOLVED] Retrieving the size of a rotated image

    I'm using GD2 with PHP and I'm trying to create a dynamic compass type thing. What I'd like is simply an arrow image that will change where it's pointing based on the
    ?=rotate get variable...
  3. Converting MouseProc Hook to lpfnWndProc message

    Ok, I've a DLL that's hooked to pick up all Mouse and Keyboard events in it. What I then want to do is through all those to another window. I understand how to do simulate these events, with...
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    Re: Can't get WH_CBT to work right

    aww, CatShoe, you've finally cracked it for me. it wasn't anything about the "thedll.dll" part, that was just another typo, that was the part where the code was looking for the dll, LoadLibrary,...
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    Re: Can't get WH_CBT to work right

    sorry to bump, but is there anyone with an idea where I'm going wrong, everywhere that I've looked at says I'm doing it right, but WH_CBT hook only looks to be working locally, and not globally.
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    Can't get WH_CBT to work right, globally

    So I've a simple window program that starts up and hooks to a dll, (I'll try only post relevant parts)

    Window and calling the DLL:

    typedef void (*registerCall)(void*);
  7. Re: [RESOLVED] Can't get window title with HCBT_ACTIVATE

    hi Shail2k4, any chance you can update us on how you got WH_CBT to work globally and not just with the local window? I'm running into the same problem.
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    Serve image with C++ http server

    Hi all, I'm working on a fairly convoluted project and one of the things I've to do is serve out an image to a http server that will be running locally from a c++ programme. I've the exact thing...
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