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    Simple ASP.NET Form Question

    Hello, I am hoping that some of you gurus can answer what should be a pretty simple ASP.NET question for me.

    My question is related to a form that I am building. The form consists of a data...
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    Re: Perl: Filetime of most recent file ?

    thanks guys thats very helpful

    do you know if the file modified time on the containing directory will also be the same as the most recently modified file's modified time ?

    Just wondering if it...
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    Re: Web services response question

    It could be depending on the webservice. Look at your WSDL and it will tell you.
  4. Re: Recommedation for good books on learning PHP and MYSQL

    In addition to the links already mentioned, I recommend downloading the Windows PHP Help file. Great Resource.

    If books are more your thing, here is a list of PHP and MySQL Books along with some...
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    Perl: Filetime of most recent file ?

    I have a certain directory, and I want to find the most recently modified file in that directory and extract the time that it was last modified in Perl.

    Can you suggest how I can go about doing...
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    Re: Linux Server Load in Perl ?

    Thanks - I decided to go ahead and use the script you provided.

    I had to change a little to account for the fact that on my architecture the idle time is not in column 16.

    Here's what I ended...
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    Re: Linux Server Load in Perl ?

    If there is a perl module that does this already, how would you suggest that I go about finding out which one that it is ?

    thanks for the help
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    Re: Linux Server Load in Perl ?

    OK what I mean by "load" is that I want to determine if the current CPU usuage is above a given percentage ? Does that make sense ?
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    Linux Server Load in Perl ?

    Does anyone know of a GPL script or how I would go about creating a script that checks the current server load on a Linux/Apache webserver

    Basically I am trying to modify a GPL Perl backup script...
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    SQL Server 2005 Reports

    I bought this book Professional SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services to help me work out some reports that I need to write. So far its helping me out pretty good by following the examples and stuff.
  11. Re: Possible for ASP.NET Webservice to consume another Webservice ?


    Ok when I do that - instead of getting C# type webservice I get managed C++.

    I'm sure I must be close now, how do I get the C# ASP.NET webservice project type ?
  12. Re: Possible for ASP.NET Webservice to consume another Webservice ?

    hmmm - I was sure that there must be a way to do that, but I dont see it.

    perhaps I've got the wrong type of project ?

    When I create a C# webservice I don't really get a "project" I get a...
  13. Possible for ASP.NET Webservice to consume another Webservice ?


    Can any of you give me guidance on how an ASP.NET C# webservice can make use of another Webservice ? Similar to how a web-reference works in a .NET windows application ?

    I am...
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    Re: GD - jpeg writing question

    If you already have a binary jpeg memory, then you just need to fopen() a file and fwrite() the data.
  15. Re: how to specify the root directory of the web site?

    <?php require("../include/const.php"); ?>

    should do the trick
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    Re: A Better MMX/SSE enabled memcpy ?

    Thanks, thats what I'm using.

    There is a performance improvement, and while you're right its not as great as I had hoped, unfortunately I will have to settle for whatever I can get.

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    A Better MMX/SSE enabled memcpy ?

    I'm working with an imaging application that currently needs to load into memory at one time about 64 MB of images. Well due to some changes that are going to be made, the memory requirement is...
  18. Re: What changes my cursor to default cursor?

    When ever the mouse moves over a particular window there is a windows message called WM_SETCURSOR that is sent to that window. That window handles the message and Calls ::SetCursor to change the...
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    Re: Posting to URL using PHP

    Here you go:

    // Illustrates the steps you take to POST with PHP...

    function DoPost($data)
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    Re: Need help with a PHP algorithm

    Put your functions inside a class, so that each file you include contains a class. Then it doesn't matter if any of the function names collide anymore so long as the class names don't collide.
  21. Re: Current User's NT Login Without NetBios ?

    Thank you!

  22. Current User's NT Login Without NetBios ?

    How do you retrieve the NT User's Login Name without resorting to NetUserGetInfo or some other function that requires NetBios to be running ?

    Functions that require Active Directory or Net Bios...
  23. Re: MDI Suppress Prompt To Save When Closing View

    I was specifically trying not to set the Document's modified flag, but it appears that some part of my framework was setting it anyway. The View inherits both CMyView and a worker class I need to...
  24. MDI Suppress Prompt To Save When Closing View

    In my MDI application when I close one of the Child MDI windows, I am prompted if I want to save or not. In this situation I have no desire to save the contents, I just want it to close without...
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    Re: CComboBoxEx - Droplist

    Its a notification message so unless you are reflecting the message back to the control, it is the parent that is being notified not the control, which I suspect is why you don't get the message.
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