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Thread: PreTranslateMessage()

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    Hi there! Can anyone here tell me what is PreTranslateMessage() and what does it do?

    Also, what is the MSG* pMsg parameter in PreTranslateMessage()? Thanks!(how do U use it?)

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    Re: PreTranslateMessage()


    If u look in MSDN: "The TranslateMessage function translates virtual-key messages into character messages."
    Now, I've used many times to capture messages form controls of dialog boxes (edits, buttons, etc.).
    The MSG *pMsg is a pointer to a MSG structure who contains:typedef struct tagMSG { // msg
    HWND hwnd;
    UINT message;
    WPARAM wParam;
    LPARAM lParam;
    DWORD time;
    POINT pt;
    } MSG;

    So, how u use it: let's say that u want to capture the enter key from a edit box in youd dialog based app. Then in your overriden PreTranslateMessage u must capture the WM_KEYDOWN message (pMsg->message == WM_KEYDOWN) and check your hwnd edit box (pMsg->hWnd == m_edit.m_hWnd) and for what key was pressed (pMsg->wParam == VK_RETURN) and return FALSE if all of this conditions are TRUE.

    Tell me if that help or if u need more info.


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    Re: PreTranslateMessage()

    Many times people use PreTranslateMessage when they do not know a more appropriate solution. For example, to capture the enter key from a edit box, give the edit box a multliline style and derive a class from CEdit. Then you can override OnKeyDown, OnkeyUp and/or OnChar.


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    Re: PreTranslateMessage()


    a) Why & How do you want to use it? That's the first question that comes not only to Sam Hobb's mind ;-)

    b) What it is:
    To process windows messages, each (UI) thread has a so called message loop, or message pump. this consists basically of:

    1. Get message from Thread's Msg Queue
    2. TranslateMessage: creates WM_CHAR messages from 'raw keyboard' messages (WM_KEYDOWN/UP)
    3. Dispatch message to the window that is responsoble for handling

    MFC allows you to get hold of each message beetween 1 and 2. This is sometimes necessary to intercept messages that can#t be handled otherwise.

    c) The members of the MSG struct are documented in MSDN. The relate to the parameters of a WindowProc.


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