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Thread: testing a dll problem

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    testing a dll problem

    i am writing a dll to use with windows.
    which will ,when a user right clicks add a command to the context menu for a file.
    ie. like winzips "extract to...."

    but i am having a problem testing it when i run the program that creates the dll.
    i usually have to restart the computer before the dll will take affect

    is there a better way to test dlls

    any help would be great
    thanks kenonuka

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    Re: testing a dll problem

    RESTART the Computer??? Not sure why you've got to do that..

    What you should be doing is have Visual C++ in your DLL's project and set up the associated "executable for debug session" on the "debug tab" of the project's "settings" dialog... The project's settings dialog can be brought up by right clicking on the project workspace from the "files" view. Now you can execute your main program and compile and debug your dll just like a normal windows project.

    One other thought.. Graphical issues like this are often hosed up by running them in the debugger which plays havoc with your windows refresh and repainting messages.. If you have trouble.. exectuing your program from the
    "build"->"exectute program name" menu items instead of running the debugger..

    Good luck.. hope this helps..

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    Re: testing a dll problem


    You have two ways:

    a) kill & restart explorer process. To kill it, do Start / Shutdown... (so the Shut down / restart etc. dialog box opens). In the dialog box, hold ctrl-alt-shift, and click the cancel button.

    Under Win9x, make sure you have a DOS box open so you can re-run explorer.

    Under WinNT/W2K, you can kill & run the process from TaskManager

    b) (NT only, I think) configure Windows Explorer to open each window in a separate process. It's hidden somewhere on the long options list.

    Good luck

    P.S. I like the rates ;-)

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