Updating DLL's !!!
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Thread: Updating DLL's !!!

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    Updating DLL's !!!


    i have a 3 tier app. made a project and loaded the client's machine with the new build. the respective DLL's files of the app got
    registered appropriately. Now, at my server end i have the same build running. my server having this app is also used for future enhancements to be made to the app. My question is if i modify the DLL files for some reason, i want to write a program that will tell the clients machine (which lies in the same geographic region) that the system needs to be upgraded to the new DLL upgrades.

    what is the best way to go about this problem ???

    Please give appropriate replies.
    thanks a ton.

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    Re: Updating DLL's !!!

    If you break compatibility with the interface implementation their will not be a need to write any code the client will break when it tries to access your dll. Try to add Methods and Properties so as not to break compatiblity and you should not have a problem with adding functionality.

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    Re: Updating DLL's !!!

    The best way that I can think of is every time that you DLL iniatilizes that you check a HTTP site (using the Internet Transfer Control or the API), or a socket on a server, and if the server tells you to alert the user to the new upgrade, and let them download your new install, and run it. They would have to shut down the app to do this though.... This would also require you to have a registered domain, and DNS set up as well, unless this is on an intranet.

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