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    How to Restore Encrypted Files

    Hi Guru's

    I want to restore encrypted file. For that i am using WriteEncryptedFileRaw API. When I am writting code in C- style it is working fine but same code is not working in c++ style code.

    I am working in vc++ 6.0 under Windows 2000 professional.

    Any body have any idea please help me.

    Thank in advance

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    Re: How to Restore Encrypted Files

    Way too few details to say anything sensible...

    Please post some code.
    Do you get compilation errors using the "C++ style"? Or runtime errors?

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    Re: How to Restore Encrypted Files

    Hi Marc
    In a Application, i Call function WriteEncryptedFileRaw .
    DWORD ii = WriteEncryptedFileRaw(&WriteCallback, &hf, pvContext) ;

    It gives error code 1917.

    DWORD WINAPI WriteCallback(PBYTE pbData, PVOID pvCallbackContext, PULONG ulLength)
    HANDLE *phRawFile=(HANDLE *)pvCallbackContext;

    unsigned long nBytesRead=0;

    bool bStop=false;

    // nTotalBytes+=nBytesRead;
    printf("\n %u", nBytesRead);
    return bStop;

    How i solve the problem ........

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