COM, CORBA, JaveBeans. which is best?
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Thread: COM, CORBA, JaveBeans. which is best?

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    COM, CORBA, JaveBeans. which is best?

    I am finshing my student degree in computer science, and would like to hear the programmers view of component technologies.

    What are your experience using these component-technologies ?

    or JaveBeans (including the Enterprise JavaBeans version).

    Which of these do you prefer.

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    Re: COM, CORBA, JaveBeans. which is best?

    COM and CORBA are more related/the same. Either COM/CORBA is very interesting to me. Concepts in COM/CORBA embraces one of the most modern concepts in programming, way beyond Object-Orientation. COM/CORBA is about the world...and where connection resides...paths to take...information to use. It is very heavy in terms of architectural complexity. Very interesting.....which brings programming to an entirely higher level...

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    Re: COM, CORBA, JaveBeans. which is best?

    Ihave used Corba ,and have read about how COM works.....
    The good news is that the concept is the same...
    and once you learn one ,working with the other one should be quite easy to pick up and implement.

    I will rate if your hint was helpful and expect to be rated if I was helpful ...
    Using Java version on windows 1.8_51

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