Hi there,

I have a big problem with my COM-objects, after I compiled them as a DLL and after running them succesfully in an ASP-script I can't recompile the DLL in VC++ because the file is somehow locked - read: in use, but all my browser windows and server-sessions using this COM-object are closed. The only solution for this problem is to restart the computer, this is really a SLOW process ...
I also tried to unregister the object with the regsvr32-command but this did not really help :-( ... any solution for this problem? Did I oversee a setting in the configuration of my IIS (Win2000) ? Or is the problem COM-related and if so, is there a fix? I think the solution must be very simple but for the moment I'm somehow to blind ... btw. this also happens with other components, so others than mine, the problem seems to be the ASP-script or so ...

I use: set objTest = Server.CreateObject ("ASPTest.myASPtest")
to create the object and
objTest.Testfunc ()
to call a function ... as it is described in every book ...


Thank you in advance!

Tristan McLure