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    Hi Ron,

    I think the solution is beyond VB. If thereís a way, itís probably API, and I donít know which API is that.

    The QuickBasic codes you posted directly handle Interrupt 25H. In all my life in VB (v4 & v6) I have not seen an example that VB is used to handle Interrupts. Whereas, in QuickBASIC, examples of Interrupt handling can be easily found in help files.

    Maybe, Microsoft may have minimized the power of Basic for windows for some reason already explained by John (Duffy). We can easily see this by comparing functions of QB and VB. VarPtr, Poke, and Var Seg for example cannot be found in VB. These functions, plus a few others, directly manipulate absolute memory.
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    Re: How do I change a floppy's serial number

    Hi all,

    In 1999 the author Murat AYDIN Ph.D. published a QuickBASIC compiled executable and as the author
    did not include source, I do not know if this matches the source shown in this thread.

    This executable is easily available from any Simtel Archive as serino_2.zip


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    Re: How do I change a floppy's serial number

    You do realize that this is a 12 year old thread and that pretty much no one even owns a floppy drive any more
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