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Thread: Changing a forms controls limit??

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    Unhappy Changing a forms controls limit??

    I am working on a big vb project, and am using ss tabs, which is great since I can do multiple things on one form.
    However all of a sudden I go to add anything from a check box to to a list and I get this:
    "Reached Limit: Cannot create anymore controls for this form"
    Now what I need to know is what is the controls limit, and if I can change this how can I change it?
    Any help is greatly appreciated, Thank You!

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    The only way you can add more is to use control arrays. Any number of labels/textboxes etc. in control arrays = 1 control. I think the limit is 255 controls.

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    Msdn Says

    Reached limit: cannot create any more controls on this form (Error 345)

    No more than 255 individual controls are allowed for each form. This error has the following cause and solution:

    At design time you tried to add a control to a form that resulted in a total of 256 individual controls for the form (with the form itself counting as one control).
    Delete one or more controls from the form or redefine one or more of your controls as part of a control array.

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