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Thread: Data Environment and Data Report

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    Data Environment and Data Report

    Hi! I am using a Data Environment to fill a Data Report with the fields I need. When I choose a field in a combo box to activate the SQL query connected to the command (with that field as the main field) the data in the data report is updated when using the text controls. But when trying to do the following:

    dsrTest.rscmdReceipt_Details.Fields!(any field)

    in the program code, the fields remain the same as for the first item chosen in the combo box. (i.e. when I change the , e.g. car number to get the new fields through code, they remain the same as for the first car number. But through the text controls in the Data Report they change. I cannot understand why they change through the Data Report, and not through code)

    Thanks very much

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    I saw youre post and I ask from you help.
    Howdid you fell the Data Report object ?
    I have a "mdb" file and I want to set data from a table in the Data Report.
    Sorry I can't help you back about your problem

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