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Thread: Printing EMF

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    Printing EMF

    i need to print a emf file
    i'm using this code, and i get a message saying "no print job...." when printing to acrobat distiler. Can you help me?
    ' ***************
    ' Win32 API Calls
    ' ***************
    private Declare Function GetProfileString Lib "kernel32" Alias "GetProfileStringA" (byval lpAppName as string, byval lpKeyName as Any, byval lpDefault as string, byval lpReturnedString as string, byval nSize as Long) as Long
    private Declare Function OpenPrinter Lib "winspool.drv" Alias "OpenPrinterA" (byval pPrinterName as string, phPrn as Long, pDefault as Any) as Long
    private Declare Function StartDocPrinter Lib "winspool.drv" Alias "StartDocPrinterA" (byval hPrn as Long, byval Level as Long, pDocInfo as DOC_INFO_1) as Long
    private Declare Function StartPagePrinter Lib "winspool.drv" (byval hPrn as Long) as Long
    private Declare Function EndPagePrinter Lib "winspool.drv" (byval hPrn as Long) as Long
    private Declare Function EndDocPrinter Lib "winspool.drv" (byval hPrn as Long) as Long
    private Declare Function ClosePrinter Lib "winspool.drv" (byval hPrn as Long) as Long
    private Declare Function GetEnhMetaFile Lib "gdi32" Alias "GetEnhMetaFileA" (byval lpszMetaFile as string) as Long
    private Declare Function GetEnhMetaFileHeader Lib "gdi32" (byval hEMF as Long, byval cbBuffer as Long, lpemh as ENHMETAHEADER) as Long
    private Declare Function PlayEnhMetaFile Lib "gdi32" (byval hDC as Long, byval hEMF as Long, lpRect as Any) as Long
    ' *********************************************
    ' Estrutura requerida pelo GetEnhMetaFileHeader
    ' *********************************************
    private Type RECT
        LEFT as Long
        Top as Long
        Right as Long
        Bottom as Long
    End Type
    private Type SIZEL
        cx as Long
        cy as Long
    End Type
    private Type ENHMETAHEADER
        iType as Long
        nSize as Long
        rclBounds as RECT
        rclFrame as RECT
        dSignature as Long
        nVersion as Long
        nBytes as Long
        nRecords as Long
        nHandles as Integer
        sReserved as Integer
        nDescription as Long
        offDescription as Long
        nPalEntries as Long
        szlDevice as SIZEL
        szlMillimeters as SIZEL
    End Type
    ' ****************************************
    ' Estrutura requerida pelo StartDocPrinter
    ' ****************************************
    private Type DOC_INFO_1
        pDocName as string
        pOutputFile as string
        pDatatype as string
    End Type
    public Sub SpoolFile(sFile as string, PrnName as string, optional AppName as string = "")
        Dim hPrn as Long
        Dim hEMF as Long
        Dim di as DOC_INFO_1
        Dim emh as ENHMETAHEADER
        ' **********************************
        ' Define DOC_INFO_1 e abre print Job
        ' **********************************
        di.pDocName = sFile
        di.pOutputFile = vbNullString
        di.pDatatype = "RAW"
        ' *******************************
        ' Prepara e inicializa impressora
        ' *******************************
        Call OpenPrinter(PrnName, hPrn, byval 0&)
        Call StartDocPrinter(hPrn, 1, di)
        Call StartPagePrinter(hPrn)
        ' *****************************************
        ' Abre ficheiro e envia-o para a impressora
        ' *****************************************
        hMF = GetEnhMetaFile(sFile)
        Call GetEnhMetaFileHeader(hMF, len(emh), emh)
        Call PlayEnhMetaFile(hDC, hEMF, emh.rclBounds)
        ' ******************************
        ' Termina o processo de spolling
        ' ******************************
        Call EndPagePrinter(hPrn)
        Call EndDocPrinter(hPrn)
        Call ClosePrinter(hPrn)
    End Sub
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    Instead of using

    try using

    instead. this should work for playing an EMF to a DC.

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