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Thread: creating a lock for an already compiled exe

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    creating a lock for an already compiled exe

    i ve been assign to make an installation program for an already compiled exe. That was easy i ve aready make it but also i need a way of making that exe shareware or limit its hours of playing or whatever.

    does ne1 have any ideas on how i could do that?


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    lol pray!
    thats been an ongoing issue with all software for Years and no matter what you do the best way to make a "shareware" product is to product a demo version with features limited and to product a full version. There need to be completely separate programs and with the demo version you need to cut the code out of the program so that it can't be manipulated into running with all the features.....
    other than that there is no sure bet for a shareware program...it will eventually be cracked and used. and the problem with the demo/full version programs is that people just take those and copy them...very easy to do and then create key generators....so as i was saying there is no sure bet.

    i would talk to WizBang from this forum though. he has a pretty good encryption scheme or so it seems...look him up and send him an email...

    hope it helps

    - nc
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