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Thread: Help Please, a simple one I hope.

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    Help Please, a simple one I hope.

    I need to populate a ComboBox with data from Access. Have a table with all the states abbreviations in it and what to use the comboBox, to list them.

    What the best way to Code this?


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    I hope i understand this right, you want to display Data in a ComboBox ?

    If so,

    1. Properties of the ComboBos Data Tab
    2. in ROWSOURCE you can do any SQL Statement, or Table
    3. BOUNDCOLUMN shows you the Column wich is bound to the ComboBox. You can get the content of a ComboBox in VB like this vBuffer = ComboBox.Value (or .Text) . The Content you will get is the content from the bound col.
    4. go to Format Tab
    5. COLUMN COUNT , there you set the number of Columns to display
    6. COLUMN WIDTHS , there you set the width of each col. you want to display. if you want not to display a col. set the Value to 0. Example :
    4 Columns
    Now you display Col. 2 and 3.
    Best regards

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