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Thread: Problem with Search Records feature

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    Problem with Search Records feature

    I have a Find Form where I need to find the records of book titles based on a few parameters provided by the user.One of the params is Publisher Name. Now the problem is that the PublisherName is stored in a different table than the Titles table. The titles table simply contains the PID(publisher ID) of the Publisher. Now to perform a search on Titles based on parameters including the Publisher NAME, Im trying to use the following SQL statement, but this is giving me duplicate records. Any reason ? Any other way to solve the problem ?

    SELECT distinct Titles.ISBNNum, Titles.Name,Titles.PID,Titles.author,Titles.Edition ,Titles.Cost,Publisher.Name FROM Titles,Publisher WHERE
    ISBNNum LIKE @isbn AND
    Titles.Name LIKE @Name AND
    Author LIKE @Author AND _
    Titles.PID in
    (SELECT distinct PID FROM Publisher WHERE Name like @Publisher)

    There are 2 tables : Publisher and Titles

    Publisher-PID,PName, PAddress

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    Try DISTINCTROW instead of DISTINCT it is a little differences indialects if you use Microsoft Databases.
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