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Thread: Allegro Anyone?

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    Question Allegro Anyone?

    Does anyone here program with allegro? I used to post at the Allegro.cc posts, but they kicked me out cuz the mod was a...... less desirable person

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    Do you have an actual question regarding Allegro?

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    I think that he was just trying to find out if anyone here on the CodeGuru forums knew how to program allegro. It seems perfectly alright to me (maybe more appropriate for the General Forums), as CodeGuru doesn't exactly have a section on Allegro =).

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    Yes, I did have a particular question about Allegro programming . Im making a GUI program, and in this program I have a function that is SUPPOSED to change the backdrop (image) of the screen. For some reason I always get a GPF when it runs. Here is my code.
    int change_bak(int msg, DIALOG *d, int c)
        char *bgname;                //the backgrounds name (for loading new ones)
        if(msg == MSG_LRELEASE)
            int oo7=file_select_ex("Select backdrop...", bgname,"PCX;BMP;/-h-s", 550, 600, 200);
            if(oo7 == 0)
                //do nothing, they pressed cancel
                //bgh = load_bitmap((const char *)bgname, NULL);
                stretch_blit(bgh, screen, 0, 0, bgh->w, bgh->h, 0, 0, SCREEN_W, SCREEN_H);
        return(d_button_proc(msg, d, c));
    P.S. Darance seems like a nice guy, have we met before
    [edit] does this mean that no one knows [/edit]
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