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Thread: SetSel() SetFocus() problems in modal dlg

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    SetSel() SetFocus() problems in modal dlg

    How can I set the current selection to the entire word when I display a modal dialog? I have tried putting the code in the OnInitDialog(), OnShowWindow(), and also before I display the dialog but nothing works? I would also like to set the focus to that dialog but that is not working either. Here is some of the code:

    HTREEITEM hTreeItem = GetSelectedItem();

    CChangeOverlayDlg overlayDlg;
    overlayDlg.m_OverlayName = GetItemText( hTreeItem );

    // It crashes if I put it here.
    overlayDlg.m_NameCtrl.SetSel( 0, -1 );

    if ( overlayDlg.DoModal() == IDOK )
    SetItemText( hTreeItem, overlayDlg.m_OverlayName );


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    Set focus to the edit in OnInitDialog, but return FALSE (instead of TRUE, which is "the default)

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    Thanks. That worked. Is there a way to highlight the current selection when using modal dialogs? Thanks.

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