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    how to run a vb.net app without installing .net framework sdk

    sir i have developed a vb.net application & i would like to distribute it.

    But my clients are not intreseted to install .net framework sdk in their machines.They argue that with respect to java,if only JVM is installed ,they are able to run their java applications....

    So,is there any possible way to run a vb.net application without installing .net framework sdk...

    Please help me in this matter

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    I think I have de answer...

    When developing a Microsoft .NET product,
    it might be good idea 2 use the
    "Setup and Deployment Projects"
    2 create a setup,

    this setup program also install all needed components
    and DLLs into the destination computer,

    (U can know all files that R used with "depends yourFile.exe")

    if U just want to allow "simple" .NET things 2 run
    U should upgrade the installation software
    (search for InstMsiA.Exe and InstMsiW.Exe on www.Microsoft.com)
    about 3.5 MB (both)

    good luck.
    Best Regards - Yovav

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    Re: how to run a vb.net app without installing .net framework sdk


    I have built a vb.net application, and try to distribute to other users. I packaged the vb.net application using the setup project in VB.NET. However, for some Win version, such as WinME, Win98, when I install the program, it prompts out the message, instructing me to install the .net framework first.

    Is there any possible way to solve this trouble problem?

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