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Thread: How to minimize?

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    How to minimize?

    1) From a form, i am opening some applications like Calculator, Noepad etc by clicking some buttons. My VB form's borderstyle is set to None. After i opened some applications say notepad, if i click on my form accidentally, notepad application is going background which is not visible. I destroyed taskbar and hide the desktop also. I set the background color of my form to black. and window state set to Normal. Suppose if i minimized the notepad then it is not visible on the bottom of the screen, instead it was going back of the form. How to come out of this?

    2. I am using listbox, text is not aligned properly while listing
    listbox1.additem "apple" & " fruits"
    listbox1.additem "mango" & "fruits"
    output is:
    apple fruits
    mango fruits
    but i want my output to be (with proper alignment)
    apple fruits
    mango fruits

    Thanks in advance.

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    hmm ok well in response to question 1 i have an idea for you but i dont have the time to code it so i'll leave it to you...
    1. Have a method that add's a button to the bottom of your screen for each application that is minimized and another to destroy the button each time the application is maximized again...you can then slide the other buttons over and around once the button clicked is open....this could be a good component to make let me know later if you need help with it
    campbelln@hartwick.edu and i'll work on it with you.

    2. You can do a simple calculation
    "apples" & Space(len("apples") + 2) & "fruit"
    "mangos" & Space(len("apples") + 1) & "fruit"

    that should align them...if not play with the numbers and what i would recommend is throwing them into a loop

    for i = 0 to lst.count
    debug.print lst.list(i + 1) & Space(8 - len(i)) & "Fruit"
    next i
    something like this...you can play with it

    another thing that could be a problem too is that different fonts have different sizes for all characters EXCEPT for courier...if you change the font to courier then each char will have the same width and will help you a lot...

    hope this all helps!
    - nc
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