I need to ask a few interrelated questions on developing a web tool that does an automatic analysis of website features such as browser compatibility, load time, links, etc.

please try to imagine this:
I have one web page interface, with a single text box, and a single push button. the input for this page will be a website URL, which will be inserted in the text box, then when clicking the push button, this web tool will go to the URL specified, and then execute certain functions to analyze the website, such as checking its load time.

examples of such implementations are:

what I need to know is the codes and scripts behind these tools. I just heard that one of the methods is URL caching, but I'm not sure how it is done. I've tried searching for the codes, but cant' find them. please show me. please?

next, I need to know how to store or save these results into SQL server database. first, I need to know the codes for connecting the ASP page to the SQL server. I heard some suggestions that I have to connect it by using ODBC data source, but what code should I put on the ASP page?
and then, how do I store the results of all the web site analysis into the SQL server?

then, to display the results, I need to show in graphical representation. I heard some suggestion of using java applets to create graphical charts. where do I get this? how do I piece all these things together?

I'm desperate. I need urgent help. please help me!
thank you!