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Thread: PopUp menu

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    PopUp menu

    Hi all

    I need to create a dynamic menu
    the menu will be of two levels
    something like:

    group1 -->item 1
    --------->item 2
    --------->item 3

    group2 -->item 1
    --------->item 2

    I don't know, in advance, how many levels there are
    or how many items for each level.
    I know how to create one dynamic level (with index)

    does anyone know how?
    especially the second level


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    I've not seen a way for you to do this via VB itself. You might be able to utilize the API functions that handle MENU stuff. If you go to MSDN online, search for CreateMenu and it should link you to all related functions regarding this.

    Once you find the right API to use, search this forum for those functions. I'm sure they have been discussed one time or another here.

    -Cool Bizs

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