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I have an idea about the scanning thing. As any normal creature, they should not require time to scan ahead of them. Real creature usually don't have to stop to see what's in front of them, and then continue acting.

I think every creature should be made aware when its turn begins of what is in front of them (say up to 2 squares in distance, like suggested by Yves M). This is not scanning but just keeping the eyes opened.

Then there can be two types of sanning:
The first is like making a turn aroung to see all that is around you (up to 2 squarres).
The second allows you to see further ahead of you (like using a telescope).

I think this would make more sense.
Right, I agree. Requiring a separate action for just finding out what is in front of you would make creatures into blind mice Since there seem to be concerns about how the client and the server handles occluded blocks, I suggest that we leave the 'wide' scanning out of the list of moves for the time being.

Does every creature get fixeing time slot for the next step? It must be so. Because otherwise it can spend to much time for analyzing of the next step and this is not like in true nature.
This is indeed some concern. I guess we could set a time-out value on the server and if the creature hasn't replied back in say 5 seconds, then the server just assumes that creature sits still. But this would maybe make the client programs a bit harder.