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Thread: New Forum

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    New Forum

    This forum is now open.
    Brad! Jones,
    LotsOfSoftware, LLC

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    Great, I'll move the thread about the codewar into this forum then
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    Re: New Forum

    Originally posted by Brad Jones
    This forum is now open.
    Thak you very much!
    Gabriel, CodeGuru moderator

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    And nothing else matters
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    Well...thank you very much Brad.

    I have one small question though. There isn't the possibility that you could also create - well let me name it subforums - within this forum?

    Basically like you did from 'Programming Projects' to 'Project: Code War'? The reason is simply that it might be a could idea to separate the items a little bit further...like

    - Design
    - Host
    - Client
    - Programming notation

    Do not pinpoint me to the above items these are only samples...but I saw already several threads being started about these kind of things and I just fear that we will end up with threads of 100 and more entries which are basically hard to follow and even harder to find information later on...

    If you have another suggestion or there are other possibilities it would be kind if you could let us know...or Gabriel/Yves.

    Thank you very much.

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