C++ General: What are good books about C++ ?
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Thread: C++ General: What are good books about C++ ?

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    C++ General: What are good books about C++ ?

    Q: What are good books on C++?


    A free e-book:
    • Thinking in C++ by Bruce Eckel is available here.

    Some of the above were already reviewed by others. Take a look here. To get reviews on many other books go here...

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    I personally found the following book to be very useful for starting out with C++. For instance, it explains exactly what a class is - a data type, rather than explaining that it is some abstract thing that you could never possibly understand. It also teaches the language in a proper order; it delays any talk about OO issues until the basics of the language have been taught (whereas other books start using string classes right from the get-go). The first half of the book teaches C++, which is all you need for a good beginning. The second half teaches MFC, which I cannot comment on - I don't use it.
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    Re: C++: What are good books about C++ ?

    Thinking in C++ and Effective STL are both excellent books in my opinion.

    Black Belt C++ also by Bruce Eckel is another good C++ book. Its lighter reading than Thinking in C++, and its not a reference type book at all, but it does have a good variety of subjects that hit on C++ topics at all levels. There are beginner topics as well as more advanced stuff. Its pretty interesting reading too, especially if you are a big computer nerd like me.

    Anyway, its not a teach C++ or a reference book at all but it does have some really good essays by Bruce Eckel and others, and I would recommend it completely.
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    Re: C++ General: What are good books about C++ ?

    I found this book very useful.

    C++ Without Fear::by Brain Overland

    Teaches you the basics, also covers more advanced 'ideas' later in the book. Which to be honest lost me a bit.

    You get a free CD as well, with a compliler and source codes from the book. Even with the last chapters, i still recommend it.

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    Re: C++ General: What are good books about C++ ?

    Consider, Design Patterns by Eric Gamma, Richard Helm, Ralph Johnson, John M. Vlissides
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    Re: C++ General: What are good books about C++ ?

    Also this guide here is pretty good for C++.

    It's free and AWESOME for new people: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/beginner/cc305129.aspx

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    Arrow Re: C++ General: What are good books about C++ ?

    I think "How to program C++" by Deitel is good for beginners.

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    Re: C++ General: What are good books about C++ ?

    I'd suggest "Sam's Teach Yourself" to be a great book for beginners.

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    Re: C++ General: What are good books about C++ ?

    It's one of the most recently published and includes changes to the latest C++ standard, C++11.
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    Re: C++ General: What are good books about C++ ?

    The following is also worth mentioning. It seems that many really like it and many really do not. People should read the description of its purpose before purcahsing.

    Programming: Principles and Practice Using C++
    Bjarne Stroustrup
    Addison-Wesley Professional
    ISBN-10: 0321543726
    ISBN-13: 978-0321543721
    "An Introduction to Programming by the Inventor of C++"
    My web site is Simple Samples.
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