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    C++ Operator: Why should I use '++i' instead of 'i++'?

    Q: Someone told me that if I want to increment a variable and that's all, I should use ++x instead of x++. Is this true?

    A: If incrementing is all that you want to do (you are not assigning the variable to something else), then yes this is a good practice, especially if you are using the increment operator on a class.

    // Prefix operators are preferred in cases in the following common cases:
    for (;checkstate(x);++x) dosomething(x);
    For the standard data types there is usually no performance difference, but for classes there are! The reason is that (for most common implementations of) postfix operators retain a temporary copy of original variable and because the return value is returned by value, not by reference. The following code exemplifies this:

    class MyClass
        MyClass& operator++()    //Prefix increment operator  (++x)
            //Perform increment operation
            return *this;
        MyClass  operator++(int) //Postfix increment operator (x++)
            MyClass temp = *this;
            //Perform increment operation
            return temp;
    FAQ contributed by: [Kevin Hall]

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