importing to access from dbase
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Thread: importing to access from dbase

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    importing to access from dbase

    Hi.I'm using Access 2002 on Windows xp and i get the following message when I try to import certain tables from dbase.

    This is what I did:I clicked on file/get external data/import.I set the file type as dbase5.I clicked on the table I wanted to import.Here is the error message I got:
    Invalid field definition 'CCNUM_CHGNR_FY' in definition of
    index or relationship.

    I clicked on 'help' and got the following advice:

    "Invalid field definition <name> in definition of index or relationship. (Error 3409)
    Possible causes:

    The field name you have specified might be misspelled. Check the spelling of the field name.
    The field type you are using is a Memo or OLE Object, which cannot be indexed. "

    I'm new to dbase(and ms access also).Can you please tell me how to fix this,so that I can import to Access?


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    Can you elaborate on the type of field 'CCNUM_CHGNR_FY' is (data type), or maybe does the orignal name contain odd characters or patterns? ALso what driver are you using to connect to the DBase db and have you tried making an ADO connection with a form in Access to pull the data one row at a time and insert into local table (this is more work but you have a lot more flexibility).

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