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Thread: Query over date

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    Query over date


    i hope somebody could help me.

    Ok, ich work with Access 2k, i have six tables. The fist and second table with names InkaPro and InkaLite has five rows with the name date, aviable_to, version, description and compTime. The next three tables are the same view like date, name and description and the last table is, i hope my thinking is correct, the junction of all has only datetimes between 01.01.97 and 01.01.05.

    So, i need three querys. The first must give me after enter an free date the Version of InkaPro, InkaLite and the name of the other three table apropose the entered date. The next query has as criterion the version of InkaPro and i need an view ofer the InkaLite version and softversion in the time of the InkaPro version. And the last query ist the same as InkaPro query but with InkaLite.

    I hope you will understand my problem and could help me.

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    Can you give us an example of the base data and what you want the three query outputs to look like from that example? I just am not seeing the final product and an example is usually helpfull.

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    I try.

    In the first Query i enter a date for example 01.01.99 and i want to see the ProVersion the LiteVersion and the versions from the different software at the entered date.
    The second and third querey is the same it only different in the entered value. I enter Pro/Lite Version and want to see the Lite/Pro version and the softversion.

    The base data looks like so
    01.01.99 Pro 1.01 FirstVersion
    01.02.99 Lite 1.00 FirstVersion
    00010199 Printer New charackters
    01020299 Display New colors
    02.03.99 Pro 1.02 New features

    I hope i can help you for a better understanding.


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