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Thread: initialize static variables in a sub

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    No, you don't need that first call last call scheme. Because the static variable can be initialized by just passing a value in the sub routine. And the initialization may be done on the sub main or main form load event..

    Initialize the static variable to true:
    Private Sub Form_Load()

    MyProcedure True

    End Sub

    The timer event would be just calling the sub routine wihtout argument:
    Private Sub Timer1_Timer()


    End Sub
    And finally, the sub routine :
    Public Sub MyProcecedure(Option ByVal st_initVal As Variant)
    Static WaitOnce As Boolean

    'check initializing
    If Not IsMissing(st_initVal) Then
    WaitOnce = st_initVal
    Exit Sub
    End If

    'check if to wait once
    If WaitOnce Then
    WaitOnce = False
    '--- do something

    'check if to wait once
    waitonce = iif (somecriteria, true, false)
    end if

    End Sub

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    Thank you!!

    That's really a good alternation. If I'm not on the wrong way in this case it is either possible to "reset" the function! That's good!
    mfg Ungi

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