There seems to be a bunch of people who are interested in doing this kind of thing, but I haven't found a good solution looking around on the web, this formum, the faq's, etc.

Basically I'm starting up another application (that I don't have source for) using CreateProcess, using EnumWindows to find a window handle to the main window in the new process, and using SetParent to attach the main window of the new process to my own SDI client area. Seems simple enough, but the painting of the new client window gets all messed up (not really surprizing in hind sight). I've tried sending the new client window WM_PAINT messages to no avail. Seems like the OS and the new client window just loose touch with one another. I've also tried changing the style of the new client window to WS_CHILD, which doesn't help either. Is this a solvable problem?

Thanks in advance for any ideas or suggestions!