Rotating Text in .NET
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Thread: Rotating Text in .NET

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    Rotating Text in .NET

    Is there an easy way to rotate text in VB .NET? I've searched the other forums and found some solutions, but everytime I use a solution that involves API calls, etc. I almost always end up finding an easier way to do it in VB .NET. I'm hoping to avoid implementing more than I have to. I just want to print rotated text in a picturebox. Thanks!


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    ' This example shows how to draw rotated text on a label control.
    Private Sub Label_Paint( _
        ByVal sender As Object, _
        ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.PaintEventArgs) Handles Label1.Paint
        ' Create a new font object to be used by the DrawString method
        Dim NewFont As New Font("Arial", 14, FontStyle.Bold, GraphicsUnit.Point)
        ' Get a handle to the graphics object of the label
        Dim g As Graphics = e.Graphics
        ' Do the transformation
        g.TranslateTransform(0, 150)
        ' Draw the text
        g.DrawString("Rotated text", NewFont, Brushes.Blue, 0, 0)
        ' Reset the transform so subsequent drawing wont be affected
    End Sub
    Iouri Boutchkine

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    Thanks! I'll play with that and see if it does what I need. I knew there had to be an easy way to do this. I'm really starting to like VB .NET.


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    Alright... Played with that and got it do just what I wanted as far as rotating the text. The next trick:

    Make the text a little transparent.

    Any thoughts on how to adjust the opacity of the text that is drawn so you can see the image through the text? Thanks!


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