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Thread: why VC++ when VB?

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    I cannot see C++ being the language of choice for doing new .NET work, even though the new C++/CLI looks far superior to MC++. I see C++/CLI being used in situations where nothing else will do. More generally, in the future I see C++ as becoming more specialised - being used in situations where nothing else will do.

    For ordinary types of business applications I expect higher-level languages such as C#, VB .NET and Java to rule. C++ is just too damned complicated. IMO even now C++ is too widely used.

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    One big reason of opting to use C++ is performance. If you are writing a performance oriented application, you cant beat C/C++, with any modern language.

    Also portability is an issue. However with the developoment of Mono, and other such things, .NET applications can now be written (in C#) to run under Linux.

    Lastly people have personal preferences, and habbits.
    Also VB syntax sucks.

    Being a pessimist is wonderful; you are either proven right, or pleasantly surprised.

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    Why use VB or VC?

    C is the lingua franca of the computer world & will always remain so. people who say "java is better than C" etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc are not taking into account that most of the JVM's they use are written in C.

    extern "C" is -=[THE]=- standard for calling between modules, & is the basis of plugins, extensible scripting languages & every other flavour of icecream available.

    C++ is great becos you can write object oriented code where it simplifies yr job, & easily link with C code where that is better, or already exists, or whatever.

    I use Visual C but i dislike it. I always used Borland b4, but VC is what i have at here work. its non standard (VC6 that is) & it seems like a microsoft attempt to lead developers into a cul de sac.

    my favourite compilers are the gcc set, and my favourite prototyping language is Python. WxWindows is good cos i can share code & guis between win2k and linux. cos Python is so great w/ network stuff & parsing markup, i can easily make platform independent data reps in xml.

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    Exclamation Hefty Package

    I completed a commercial project in VB.NET Standard a while back, and found the implementation of it across a number of Windows platforms to be a headache, so much so, I reckon it cost us loads and really slowed down the marketing of the product.

    Basically, they don't make it abundantly clear exactly how you package the .net framework with your project, and then they fail to point out at any stage that you need Internet Explorer 5.01 or later just to install the ruddy thing.

    We got around the issues successfully enough, however, it didn't help matters for some of our would be customers that Windows 95 is not supported by the .net framwork.

    But now that we're used to VB.NET it seems to be fine, if only it seems that the product written in this language runs a bit sluggishly in Windows 98 on a P133.

    Some early service packs of Win 2000 also have issues with installing the .net framework.

    VB.NET has some nice development features built into it, such as being able to make notes of work to be undertaken on various classes or methods, and then being able to refer to these notes afterward, but I do wish they'd taken a leaf out of C and C++ book and gone the direct route with pointer manipulation.

    Also, try distributing a .NET project over the web as a demo or something, you'll find the download page getting stuffed with a hefty package of running pre requisites and a link to a whopping 23 MB dotnetfx.exe download - not everyone has broadband yet.

    End of gripe.
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    I do like the My namespace that is in VB 2005 Express. With My.Computer it makes it much easier to read text files, play sounds, etc.

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