From MiCk:
Did you know...Some guy got 'life' for sucking boy's toes...Ok that's strange and wierd and I'd like to kick his arse...but life....for sucking toes...I'm in deep trouble if there is some girl sucking toe law...
The World........Planet Earth......has many, many men and women.
These men and women.....have many many kinds of fetishes.

The number of fetishes in this more than the number of humans.
If one human has 4 or more many fetishes would there be in this world?

To my best of knowledge, there IS this thing called "foot fetish" and I'm not joking. Some men actually get "TURNED ON" when they suck a woman/girl's toes and feet.(not legs)

Can you beat that? NO.

So, this is, of course, considered an indecent and lewd act.
Very sick and un-healthy.

Of course, sucking babies' feet and fingers are different. They're pure, innocent and when you do that, you make them happy.
This is what I, Xeon, do whenever I can.

And this is what, YOU, as a real man living in society, oughtta do too.

So, get outta your office now, away from your desk, lose all that professionalism, and suck a baby's toes and fingers, and make it laugh.
Crawl around like a frog if you need to, and destroy cars if you need to, just to keep the baby interested.

Everyone........wins with........Xeon.