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Aha! A perfect discussion point for this thread!

No. Not yet. It seems one of the lawyers decided to take a vacation in the middle of final negotiations, so the paperwork got stalled. But the papers have passed through the investor's lawyers, and I hear they just passed through our lawyers last week and all accounts say there is nothing really surprising about what is inside the final product. So now the last step is to have someone on our side (I think the new CEO, but I'm not really in the loop on this) sign them, which is supposed to happen yesterday (guess that didn't happen), today, or tomorrow. From what I've heard, the funds will then immediately be transferred and off we go! However, my boss, who has been through these investor things way to many times for sanity to be completely preserved, has told me and the other lead programmer to wait until the money is in the bank before we pack (to be absolutely sure -- and not to "jinx" anything), so I still will probably be here a few more weeks getting ready for the move.

Until then, things are quite.... boring.
lawyers...ohh man what a riot, we had to fire our farking lawyers because the straw they had in our wallet was sucking the green right out of the investment dollars...lawyers bite wad.

PS: I hope you like rain and crappy weather, I mean it's nice and all...different country, but after 5 years my spawn and that ex-thingamajig couldn't wait to get back to the states...I imagine though the guiness is probably fresher....don't think I've ever stuck my head under a guiness tap and just went to town...ahh I'll have to mark that down for a future night in fells point....