From MiCk:
Wow you were a lot of help If you noticed my link was to a news site twiddle
Ah I see! So, u're talking about a news web site.
But for porn surfers, my tip is to leave te ads on.
You never know.

From Dimm on the free XXX hot photos of women:
Just like a real man.
Anyway, if there's really such a thing as a 4 MB ZIP file packed with awesome XXX photos, I wouldn't be posting here!

From Dimm to Nina, on her war crime action about posting just 1 word(considered spam):
Well , the most informative words I ever saw
I agree. Stop trying to attract our attention, girl!
If you keep on trying to do that, I make sure you're gonna come out all painful from the be.......never mind.
If I'm not enough, MiCk can have a go.(or maybe Dimm......which ever is stronger and more violent)

(sorry, Nina.....but the first time is usually the most painful...)