To explain why we need to export to excel I need to explain our business app.

Our company is a multi media messaging company that delivers faxes, emails and voice messages around the world. Our customers submit jobs that deliver to as many as 600,000 recipients. Our reports have always been text. Since the business has grown we are now offerering graphical reports to our customers. These reports are delivered to them through email or into their mailbox.

We currently only offer pdf formatted reports to be sent to them. Our customers are directly asking us to pass the report back to them in EXCEL format.

The bottom line is that the report is formatted on a windows box and the file is then put on a server to later be delivered to the customer therefore, we need to pre-format the report before we pass it back to the server. The customer does not want to receive the file in another format and be forced to reformat it themselves.

Does this help you understand why I need to teach my VC program to programatically do this?