Hi A. Kabu

I've using Cristal Report for some time. and I have a problem.

I need to resize the preview window. This window is made a child window of CRPEPlusView wish is derived from CView folowing the Document/View parathigm.

Then when I resize the application frameWindow the prevw window of Crystal Report don'st do it. there's any way to get that window's handle to rezie it or other way of doing it....

void CRPEPlusView::OnReportPreview()
if (!app->printJob->OutputToWindow("Crystal Reports Class Demo",0,0,Rect.Width(),Rect.Height(),WS_CHILD ,this))
else if (!app->printJob->Start())

My Derived class from CWinApp has this two objects.
CRPEngine printEngine;
CRPEJob *printJob;