You can use with single cr control for more reports, just change the *.rpt file and the database connection, it's right.

if you face same problem using with the single cr control, Reinstall the cr applicaton and then try again.


Originally posted by Rubber Duckie
Hi to everyone.

I'm running a VB5 and crystal reports 4.6.1.

I have several CR controls in a form for different reports. When invoking the "cr.action = 1" in more than one cr control in the compilated .exe program I get the next message when closing the form:

XXXX caused a page fault
in module CRYSTL32.OCX memory location 0167:250127fb.
EAX=00000000 ... etc.

Is anybody familiar with this error, and which is the solution?

Thanks in advance.

Rubber Duckie.