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Thread: int array to Char

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    int array to Char

    Hello Everyone,

    I am a forensic analyst by trade and have come seeking some advise regard the following piece of code that was discovered.

    In specific how the a.AppCompatTheme_spinnerStyle and a.AppCompatTheme_switchStyle would ever translate from int to a Char.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    public static String a(String str) {
            return new String(Base64.decode(str, 8));
        public static String a(int[] iArr) {
            StringBuilder stringBuilder = new StringBuilder(iArr.length);
            for (int toChars : iArr) {
            return stringBuilder.toString();
        public static String b() {
            return a(a(new int[]{97, 50, 86, 53, 76, a.AppCompatTheme_spinnerStyle, 66, a.AppCompatTheme_switchStyle, 99, 65, 61, 61}));

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    Re: int array to Char

    Can you post an example of the int values you want to convert and the char values you want to be the results.

    Note: char values can be treated as numeric and an int value can be cast to a char:
         System.out.println((char)43); // +
    I have never heard of these: AppCompatTheme????

    Note: single letter method names make code hard to read and understand. Names should describe what the methods are doing.
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