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    multiple selection in Jlist


    I have a JList whose data is set by setListData(Object [] ) method.

    Now if i have another object [] say arr2 so that i have to select those items and to keep the selection in the JList how to do that.??

    I have seen the method JList.setSelectedValue(object, true);
    method but then it takes a single object and if i traverse arr2 and select each element separately selection event is fired each time and moreover only the last object remans as selected(obviuous i guess).

    So how to select those object in the JList.

    Thanks in advance

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    Did you read the JList JavaDocs?
    By default the JList selection model allows any combination of items to be selected at a time, using the constant MULTIPLE_INTERVAL_SELECTION. The selection state is actually managed by a separate delegate object, an instance of ListSelectionModel. However JList provides convenient properties for managing the selection.
    If you can't find a way to get the selection you want using JList directly, use the ListSelectionModel, which (unless you've changed it) you can cast to an instance of DefaultListSelectionModel.

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