xmlHttp.Send returns blank confirmation string in vb6
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Thread: xmlHttp.Send returns blank confirmation string in vb6

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    xmlHttp.Send returns blank confirmation string in vb6


    I am submmiting to a web site an xml document using the
    XMLHTTP's send method in vb6. I expect it return a
    confirmation string but its returning a blank string. I do
    not know if my request is successfully submitted without
    getting a valid confirmation string back. Do you see
    anything that is wrong with my code below?:

    Dim xmlHttp As New MSXML2.XMLHTTP
    Dim xmldoc As New MSXML2.DOMDocument

    xmldoc.async = False
    xmldoc.Load "C:\Windows\Desktop\testXmlDoc.xml"
    xmlHttp.open "POST", "http://www.swiftcd.com/Orders/SubmitO
    rders.asp", False
    xmlHttp.send xmldoc.xml
    confirmationXML = xmlHttp.responseXML.xml

    I appreciate your suggestions.


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    I have not used this much, but so far I have been using the responseText property for the return from a web page.
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