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Thread: Set default printer

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    Set default printer

    Dear All,

    I need to set a different printer dynamically when printing reports in the run time, i tried to use the following code, but it doesn't work for me, the debug screen shows it has been changed, but it still print to the default printer, it means does not change. can anyone help me with this?


    Private Sub setPrinter(Name As String)
        Dim prThis As Printer
        If Printers.Count > 0 Then
            For Each prThis In Printers
                If prThis.DeviceName = Name Then
                    Set Printer = prThis
                    Exit For
                End If
            Next prThis
        End If
    End Sub
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    Set default printer

    The code you used sets the default for the running Vb project only.
    If you need to change the default for external programs, you need a different kind of code:
    from Iouri (scroll down and see his second answer)

    have also a look here:
    Microsoft online How to:;EN-US;266767

    and here:

    Cesare Imperiali
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    Special thanks to Lothar "the Great" Haensler, Chris Eastwood , dr_Michael, ClearCode, Iouri and
    all the other wonderful people who made and make Codeguru a great place.
    Come back soon, you Gurus.

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    setting default printer

    this code example is provided to you by me for learning purposes. You may use it in your own apps, or change it how ever you like. I provide NO WARRANTY at all with this code.

    Ok now that is out of the way, I wrote this for a Microsoft Access 2000 database, the code could be used in a VB application very easily. Most all the code could be ported over all the API calls ect..

    I hope this helps you in what ever project you are doing.

    William O'Malley
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    If you're switching between printers to avoid the report writer's Page With error check this out
    Your code can only be as good as your algorithm.

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    When dealing with printers you can accomplish pretty much everything you need to do by shelling out commands to the PrintUI dll. I've found it amazingly valuable when dealing with printers. It allows adding, removing, set properties, drivers, installing drivers, even displaying print queues and options to the user using the Windows dialog boxes that are used by the system. It's really useful to know about, and simple to use. More info is an older posting I made:

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