Etnus Announces TotalView 6.2 for SGI Systems Based on Intel Itanium 2 Processors World's leading debugger now available for Linux on IA-64-based systems High-productivity Software Debugging on SGI Altix 3000 systems now a reality

June 10, 2003. Natick, MA – Etnus, the world's leading provider of debugging solutions for complex code, today announced that TotalView 6.2 supports the SGIâ Altixä 3000 family of servers and superclusters.

TotalView is a full-featured, source level, graphical debugger providing software engineers with complete control over threaded and parallel applications written in C, C++ or Fortran. Its features simplify debugging and analysis of applications and offers unrivaled support for code that uses multithreading and MPI on both distributed memory and shared memory computers. With advanced features not found in other debuggers, TotalView is unrivaled in its ability to help find bugs fast.

The Intel® Itanium® 2 processor's floating-point performance, 64-bit addressing, and large cache memory are well-suited to a wide range of technical computing applications. "Etnus is experiencing demand for TotalView from a wide range of industries," comments Chris Doehlert, CEO of Etnus Inc. "From feature film animation to petroleum exploration, these markets are finding that their codes are becoming increasingly complex and they need a sophisticated debugger to help them find elusive bugs."

"SGI's high-productivity customers require a debugger for complex code and large amounts of data. TotalView is essential for SGI ISVs and other customers who develop their own code to better understand the behavior of these codes and find bugs that might otherwise be buried in many lines of code, lots of data and within libraries," says Anneke Dempsey, senior director of Global Alliances, SGI.

Complexity, parallelism, and the sheer size of an application can add to the challenge that programmers face in making application logic work properly. TotalView is designed for such environments, especially when parallelism is employed and in situations where developers are taking applications from 32-bit systems to larger, faster 64-bit systems such as those based on the Itanium processor. When porting to 64-bit architectures, software engineers commonly experience problems with constructs like C pointers as well as data originally written to align on 32-bit boundaries. TotalView's advanced language support, parallel support, and data analysis features ease the debugging involved in these ports.

The Altix 3000 family is focused on high-productivity computing environments using hundreds of processors, where performance and scalability are essential ingredients. TotalView makes the most out of these capabilities.

"The SGI Altix 3000 system brings another exciting entry into the Linux HPC market. Having many HPC customers in common, SGI and Etnus share a desire to provide the most advanced Linux hardware and software solutions to those customers who will be writing code for the SGI Altix 3000 and debugging that code using Etnus' TotalView debugger," remarks Mary Kay Bunde, director of Market Development, Etnus.

The SGI Altix family combines the Linux® operating system and Intel Itanium processors into a unique, easy-to-manage environment. The system advances include the ability to scale up to 64 processors and 4 terabytes of memory in a single cluster node and to share memory globally across nodes, potentially involving hundreds of processors. The resulting combination delivers breakthrough performance and reduces the time and resources required to run technical applications.

About Etnus
Etnus is the world's leading provider of debugging and analysis solutions for complex code. Etnus products provide software engineers with the ability to visualize, control and correct applications running

on a wide variety of platforms and using one to thousands of processors. They offer significant productivity gains in application development, helping to eliminate the frustration, delays and headaches inherent in analyzing multi-process, multi-thread, and network-distributed applications containing many lines of code or advanced programming techniques such as MPI, threads, and OpenMP.

Etnus products are used in the development of applications in industries such as weather prediction, film special effects and animation, oil and gas exploration, CAD/CAM software development, automotive, aerospace, finance and telecommunications. Privately held, Etnus offers its expanding product line through worldwide resellers and direct sales.

For more information contact Etnus LLC at: 24 Prime Parkway, Natick, MA 01760;;

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