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Thread: InternetSetCookie - error 126

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    InternetSetCookie - error 126

    I am getting an error “126” (“The specified module could not be found” when making a call to “InternetSetCookie”. What is strange is that (I think) I staticly link to ‘wininet.lib’, this error is usually caused by an error loading a DLL.

    The code have a line “#pragma comment(lib, "wininet.lib"” )
    It’s the first time I see / use this.

    I am using V-Studio 7

    If I call InternetGetCookie right after I get an error 12006, and FormatMessage returns no error on that one!!??

    Any hints?

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    Got it .. Funny when I pass hours on a problem simply posting on CodeGuru solves my answer faster.

    So after checking the details of the linker in verbose mode ... nothing

    I was trying to write a cookie to test a client setup, so trying to write passing the client url (, that fails because of a security issue (I am guessing)!!!

    Writing a cookie using works FINE ...

    Hope this will help someone else in the future !!!


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