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Thread: an odd question

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    an odd question

    Alright ladies and gools,

    I've got a rather serious question. Does anyone know of any source code sitting around for pdf417 barcode encoding? I've seen some examples out there in c, and maybe one in Java, but I was hoping I might find one in c#.

    Thanks in advance for the help,

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    If you found it in java, you should be able to convert it.

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    Re: an odd question

    SharpDevelop (my favorite IDE!) can do VB.NET -> C# conversion automagically... might be useful in adapting rogermiller's linked page
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    Re: an odd question

    I have a DLL I got from Symbol several years ago that allows the creation of barcodes through code. I got it specifically for PDF417 generation. I think it came with sample code on how to use it with different languages and the DLL was free. I used it in VB5 and then VB6. I do not know if they still offer something like this on their site or if it has been updated to work with C# but I would say there is a good chance that it has. I would suggest that anyone who needs to do this try searching the Motorola web site [used to be Symbol]
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