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Thread: Too far apart

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    Jun 2003

    Too far apart

    I stay in Singapore.We or i am to far away from u guys.
    Its difficult to work things out.

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    Jun 2003
    I live in south east Asia, I think not too far.
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    How we going to make proper discussions?Email?Icq?Mirc?Set up a channel in irc?

    How r we suppose to noe whether anyone is commited to this project when we dun even meet up proper?

    How am anyone of us noe tat no one quit half through the project?

    How r we suppose to exchange files?Email?Icq?Mirc?

    If something is wrong wif files,code,concept art,story board, do u suppose to re-send files or documents again and again?

    We r not skilled or pro,that is understandable.
    We r here to share n is wonderful to hav ppl giving support.

    In chinese, there's a saying, without such a big head ,dun try to wear a big hat.

    U ppl dun even act n work with mature thinking.
    At least hav a proper channel or ways of communicating,then invite from forums.

    Establise or solve problems ahead of u b4 we guys get things started.

    who cant draw,cant code,cant script.I can tell i noe everything!in fact i dun noe u ppl and i can say i noe so much,"I wanna join",n then back out!

    not to throw wet blanket,who started this thread n hav him lead the team.Command n control.get ppl together then elect a proper leader for indiv category.at least act, ACT LIKE AN ADULT!
    we r not asking for pro here.show responsiblities.
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